Phillipe Vangeel

Secretary General
The European Association for Electromobility (AVERE)
With great technology and brilliant people, Philippe Vangeel found his way as Secretary-General in one of the fastest-changing and growing technologies: electrical vehicles. An engineer by background, Philippe has always worked as a manager in the electronics sector. Preceding his role as a Secretary-General of AVERE, he has worked an innovative entrepreneur in e-retails, security and the medical sector. He is fluent in five languages: his native Flemish, English, French, Norwegian and German
Phillipe Vangeel
02 Nov 2020
 - 09:55 BST (UTC +01:00)
  • A deep dive into the mobility challenges as AVERE work towards European-wide new upcoming targets of CO2 reduction by 2030, with a vision for Europe of clean, quiet and healthy cities and energy-efficient transport
  • Hear how ongoing EU taskforces have promoted, connected, automated, and shared mobility business models to increase the roll-out of charging infrastructure across Europe, as well as insight into the EU Battery Alliance’s work to develop the battery manufacturing capacity of Europe