Nicholas Thurston

Climate Change Officer
Canterbury City Council

Nicholas is an environmental engineer and an officer at Canterbury City Council. His expertise encompasses strategic programme design and management across the whole range of climate change issues.

Nicholas’ experience includes a wide range of sectors including construction and development, energy and infrastructure, transport, water and waste.

Nicholas has responsibility for

  • Developing the council climate mitigation and adaptation plans
  • District engagement with residents, businesses and institutions about the district response to climate change
  • Securing and managing funding to enable climate change response initiatives
20 Oct 2021
 - 15:30 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion
Infrastructure Focus
  • Outlining the latest procurement frameworks, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and best practice for using them
  • Understanding the aims of your infrastructure project and user requirements pre installation to avoid future obsolescence and costly upgrades
  • Weighing up the advantages of being “demand led” or proactively building for projected demand