Mikkel Krogsgaard Niss

Head of Section Project Manager
City of Copenhagen
Mikkel Krogsgaard Niss is Special Advisor at the Lord Mayors department at City of Copenhagen. During the last years, Mikkel has worked as project manager for environmental projects in relation to public transport with a strong focus on e-buses. He is currently responsible for implementing the city’s bold ambitions for 100% electric buses by 2025. During the last 10 years, Mikkel have worked in the public sector. Primary areas of work are public transport, freight and environmental issues. Mikkel Krogsgaard Niss has worked six years for the City of Copenhagen and prior to this for the Danish Transport Authorities and The Danish Board of Technology. Mikkel holds a master degree in environmental planning from Roskilde University.
Mikkel Krogsgaard Niss
29 Apr 2020
 - 16:50 BST (UTC +01:00)