Michael Hurwitz

Director of Innovation
Transport for London
Michael Hurwitz is passionate about socially-positive technology. An internationally recognised pioneer in future mobility, he created the UK’s national programmes on electromobility and autonomy and is now responsible for making sure transport in London is ready for the future. His team seeks out market innovators, encourages the testing and implementation of new business models or services that could help address the challenges facing the city and sets the policy frameworks to ensure new innovations work for all. Michael has brought an entrepreneurial spirit to public service, working tirelessly to realize the potential of low-emission vehicles, connectivity and other technologically advanced transportation solutions for London and the UK.
Michael Hurwitz
04 Nov 2020
 - 09:25 BST (UTC +01:00)
  • A behind the scenes look at how EVs will fit into a wider public transport strategy
  • A deep dive into how many EVs might actually be on the road by 2030 and what their charging demands might look like
  • Changing consumer behaviour by encouraging EV car clubs, Inter-Modal transport models, and EV bike docks to deter sole car ownership