Matt Croucher

Technical Director & Electric Vehicles Lead (Future Mobility & Sustainable Transport)

Matt Croucher is WSP's specialist lead in zero emission mobility, and leads a virtual team of multi-disciplinary zero emission mobility practitioners across the UK. Matt has an expert knowledge of the emerging zero emission mobility sector, having worked on dozens of projects on the topic stretching back to 2010, when they were very much a niche concern, to the present day, where they attract growing interest from a wide range of stakeholders. He leads projects forecasting growth, developing strategies to promote uptake, planning charge point infrastructure, advising private investors in charge point networks, due diligence, reviewing technological developments and business models, advising property managers and large organisations on the supporting infrastructure to transition their fleets to zero emission vehicles, and considering particular use cases and user requirements.

20 Oct 2021
 - 16:30 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion
Infrastructure Focus

For most local authorities, EV charging deployment means one thing: on-street charging.

  • How do you identify new sites, and what solutions exist to assist with this?
  • Accessibility and user safety; can gullies and covers cable provide a reasonable solution?
  • Addressing the risk that people without access to off-street parking may be locked into higher electricity/fuel prices in future.
  • Identifying the latest technologies: what innovative solutions are there to navigate space and accessibility challenges?