Keith Lewin Speaker at EV World Congress

Keith Lewin

Founder PostTag

Keith Lewin spent far too many years in advertising creating ad strategies and campaigns for major multinational ad agencies all over the world – strategies that moved people, changed behaviour, increased market shares, rocketed sales, made clients very rich and hopefully entertained some people along the way.
He realised 7 years ago that he needed to get his life back, so he left advertising and moved his family back to the UK after many years away.
When his furniture container didn’t make it back, he had to equip the family home with everything from salt and pepper pots to beds and sofas.
He saw first hand just how vague “the most accurate postcode system in the world” really was when dozens of delivery drivers each day couldn’t find him and had to be guided in by mobile.
So he set up PostTag to solve that problem. Today, PostTag is processing over 5 million address verifications and location lat/longs every day and includes Hermes and Dominos among its clients.

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