05 Oct 2022
 - 14:45 BST (UTC +01:00)
Panel Discussion
Energy Strategies Stream

Batteries Vs. Grid Upgrades – When Is Installing A Battery The Cheaper Option To Support Deploying Chargers?

  • Assessing how batteries can provide lower cost solutions to offset the increased power demands of EVs and allow installers to have a stand-alone source of power
  • How do you identify whether renewables can be added to further supplement chargers, and remove the need for grid upgrades?
  • Outlining the costs and practicalities of connecting to the grid: how do you assess the load required for charging vehicles, and what are the timescales for infrastructure connections and upgrades
  • Explaining the application process for grid connections, and how to work closer with DNOs to understand grid demands
System Development Manger
Western Power
Reader in Engineering
Kings College London
Land Development Manager
National Grid

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